Hero or Villain? – Elizabeth Lambert

Unless you’ve been left buried in a hole for the last two weeks, you know about Elizabeth Lambert. She is now the renowned woman’s soccer player from the University of New Mexico. She made headlines by not taking any shit from the other team, Brigham Young, which was ahead 1-0 after the first half of the game. Knowing that the N.C.A.A. tournament shot was on the line and the end of the season was imminent for one team, players from both ends of the field became overly aggressive. Emotions escalated even further when the opposing fans began mockingly chanting her name.

As seen in the picture above, Lambert is giving a five-knuckle back punch to the opposing player. But what you may not have noticed in the video is that the Brigham Young player elbowed Lambert just prior to that. Or there’s the time that Lambert pulled another player down by her ponytail, but the other player was tugging down on Lambert’s shorts.

Of course these are no excuses by any means to Lambert’s vigilant conduct. The refs should have been more attentive and noticed the type of extreme unsportsman-like actions happening between both the teams, and Lambert’s coach should have stepped in and told her to calm herself down. Now Lambert is suspended indefinitely, and is seeking help in understanding what went wrong that day.

She is seeing a clinical psychologist on campus to better understand what caused the hair-pulling incident. It is one of several steps she is taking, along with speaking to youth players about acceptable behavior, so she can seek reinstatement to the team in the spring.

“I’m working on my mental game to never let that happen again,” Lambert said. “That’s unacceptable in any sport to get to that point where you feel it’s necessary that you have to retaliate in a dirty manner.” {Source}

Final Verdict: Hero –Although her actions were unjustifiable, Lambert at least now recognizes her fatal flaw in allowing her anger to get the best of her. She also comes off as a victim of internet and mass media in being portrayed as nothing more than a vengeful bully. Hopefully she comes out of this as a better person.


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