Future Product: Spray On ‘Liquid Glass’

A German company by the name of [Nanopool] holds a patent for a spray-on liquid glass that repels bacteria, water and dirt, and resists heat, UV light and even acids. The coating is enviromentally friendly, non-toxic, and is easy to clean using water or a damp cloth. This really has the implication to revolutionize just about everything that we interact with in our daily lives. Imagine never having to wax your [1975 Volkswagen Rabbit] ever again, or those [hotel bed sheets] being truely stain resistent. The flexible and breathable glass coating is approximately 100 nanometres thick which is 500 times thinner than a strand of human hair. Because it is so thin it is completely undetectable.


Another wonderful and benificial use of this versatile technology is in the agriculteral field. When coated with SiO2, vines are resistant to fungial diseases, and seeds germinate and grow faster. Because of this farmers will enjoy and profit from better crop.


Other vineyard applications include coating corks with liquid glass to prevent “corking” and contamination of wine. The spray cannot be seen by the naked eye, which means it could also be used to treat clothing and other materials to make them stain-resistant. McClelland said you can “pour a bottle of wine over an expensive silk shirt and it will come right off”. 

In the home, spray-on glass would eliminate the need for scrubbing and make most cleaning products obsolete. Since it is available in both water-based and alcohol-based solutions, it can be used in the oven, in bathrooms, tiles, sinks, and almost every other surface in the home, and one spray is said to last a year. [Physorg.com]


The technology is already available for domestic use in Germany, and will soon be in DIY stores in Britan soon. I wonder when we’ll see it here in the states.


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