Caught In The NewsWeb


  • Death Ray meet Mosquito. Mosquito meet Death Ray. []
  • This turkey vulture just wanted to get a lazy aerial view of the Super Bowl. [WLBZ2 Bangor, ME]
  • Lexington man arrested after admitting marijuana was stolen. Marijuana to blame for his stupidity. []
  • Scientist learn to freeze water with heat. Cobra Commander will finally be able to trigger cloud formations and dominate the weather. []
  • Assault Breacher Vehicle… A 72-ton, 40-foot indestructible metal brute. A 60lb bomb exploded on the plow. The Breacher barely registered. “It shook slightly… I laughed and I drove on.” [Yahoo News]
  • Mud volcano was man-made, new evidence confirms. My first impression was poo. Is that wrong of me? []

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