Gamble With

You can forget about Twitter and Facebook. You can forget about Myspace (if you haven’t already). Hell… you can even forget about going out and talking to your neighbor whom you moved next to six months ago, and have only exchanged [awkward] glances. The newest way to socially connect with complete strangers has been sweeping across the globe for the past few months, and it’s done nothing but gain momentum along the way. It’s called [Chatroulette] and it lives up to it’s name.


On any given night there are around 20,000 users randomly connecting to one another in socially suicide fashion. The site puts you face-to-face with people from all four corners of the world, and the results can stretch from just plain dull to the too often sexual extremity. I checked it out for five minutes, and it reminded me of the no-frill chat rooms of the 90’s where anything goes, only with video. So parents beware: This is not a site for your children!!!


The big question that surfaced recently about the website was who is behind Chatroulette and it’s spiraling popularity. Unexpectedly, an answer came from a 17-year-old Russian high school student by the name of Andrey Ternovskiy via [The New York Times]

I created this project for fun. Initially, I had no business goals with it. I created this project recently. I was and still am a teenager myself, that is why I had a certain feeling of what other teenagers would want to see on the Internet. I myself enjoyed talking to friends with Skype using a microphone and webcam. But we got tired of talking to each other eventually. So I decided to create a little site for me and my friends where we could connect randomly with other people.

It wasn’t so easy to create it for me, but I have been coding since 11 (thanks to my father who introduced me to the Internet early – most of my knowledge comes from it).

The future for Chatroulette is uncertain for anyone, including Andrey Ternovskiy.

What is currently stopping me from adding other features which have been suggested by many and have been in my mind is that I am not even sure what Chatroulette is now.

Everyone finds his own way of using the site. Some think it is a game, others think it is a whole unknown world, others think it is a dating service.

For now we can all enjoy the unadulterated phenomenon that is [Chatroulette] and it’s full hilarity. Be sure to check out [Chatroulette Screenshots] and [Cobra Commander] as well.



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