Hero or Villain? – Chris Reichert

Remember [that guy] who heckled and tossed dollar bills at the man with Parkinson’s at the anti-health reform [rally in Ohio] nearly two weeks ago? Who could forget that guy, right? His hatred and his inhumane insensitivity seemed to spit and spew from the very bowels of the tenth level of Hell. In one flawed action he caused a panic against his disdain for those human beings who are not as fortunate as most. Well, he has come out of his hidey hole, and is remorseful, apologetic, and scared for his life.

“I snapped. I absolutely snapped and I can’t explain it any other way,” said Chris Reichert of Victorian Village, in a [Dispatch interview].

In his first comments on an incident that went viral across the Internet and was repeatedly played on cable television news shows, Reichert said he is sorry about his confrontation with Robert A. Letcher, 60, of the North Side. Letcher, a former nuclear engineer who suffers from Parkinson’s, was verbally attacked as he sat before anti-health care demonstrators in front of Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy’s district office last week.

Deep down inside each and every one of us we have the sometimes uncontrollable ability to get caught up in the moment. Our emotions can overtake any kind of logical and coherent thoughts that may be telling us that our actions are a little bit over the line.
Case in point…
…I remember when I was 8 years-old, and my sister was babysitting me while our parents went out for the night. While I was deep in the middle of the puzzles on the back of a box of Capt. Crunch cereal, my sister told me it was time for bed. I argued and pleaded my case. The argument proceeded to my bedroom where I stood upon my bed, yelling with fury at my older sister. One thing led to another, and my foot found it’s way into a wall. My emotions and temper (especially those of a child) got the best of me, and at that very instant I was left speechless in an epiphany of shame. It is a very valuable lesson that has stuck with me even to this day, and I am customarily reminded of it when I see episodes like that of Chris Reichert.
“He’s got every right to do what he (Robert A. Letcher) did and some may say I did too, but what I did was shameful,” Reichert said. “I haven’t slept since that day.” I really hope that you haven’t slept since. What you did is very shameful indeed. Your behavioral engagement left you looking like the world’s biggest pompous ass, and for that I say your chin should hypothetically feel heavily weighted against your chest. Just because you essentially have the right to do what you did, it doesn’t make what you did right.
Final Verdict: Villain – While his emotions are human, his actions are strongly barbaric. We, as Americans, may have the right to protest our convictions, but that doesn’t mean we can unjustly treat a fellow individual (especially those with an incurable illness) like total dogshit. It kind of defeats the purpose of civility and prosperity.


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