Val Kilmer Is ‘Fatman Forever’ [Pics]


It’s no surprise to anyone lately that once heartthrob, Val Kilmer, has really let himself go. He’s blown up in recent years like a hot-air balloon. What is a surprise is how many people I get coming to the site looking for pictures of a fat Val Kilmer. So far this month their have been over 100 hits to this site pertaining to Val Kilmer’s fat ass. Here’s a little bit of what I could dig up for now.

If you check out his [MySpace] page you can listen to his horrible music, or watch his seemingly overly-obsessive movie production about Mark Twain and Mary Baker Eddy.

Also dually noted: Val Kilmer was involved in a [shootout] the other day in Baton Rouge. You can be my wingman anytime, Val.


5 responses to “Val Kilmer Is ‘Fatman Forever’ [Pics]

  1. Val hasn’t actually let himself go. He puts weight on and takes it off, depending on the role he is playing. And he has done the unforgivable – he has got older. How many people can claim to be the same weight at 50 as they were at 25? I wish I could. Also a lot of these photos were taken on holiday, when it shouldn’t matter what he looks like as he is in relaxed mode. I’m all for Val ignoring all the bad press he gets because of his weight. His charisma still shines through, because it is what is inside that makes the man, not outward appearances.

    • That’s horse*****. I can claim the same weight by the way. Getting older doesn’t mean you get fatter. It means, apparently to you and most, that you get lazier.

  2. Chrisk – I’m not going to deny anything that you said because I agree. Look at Bill Murry, Jack Nicholson, or Governor Arnold for example. I’m just giving the people what they are looking for. That’s maybe a little shallow on my part, but life is short and I like to break a few rules of morality.

    And like I said… He can be my wingman anytime.

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