The Vuvuzela: Most Annoying Sound in the World? [Sports]

There are many [crazy traditions] thoughtout the last 100+ years in the sports world. There’s the Gatorade Bath, the Legend of the Octopus, the Terrible Towel, Harry Caray singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame, the Yankee Stadium Bleacher Roll Call, the Playoff Beard… Oh God the list just goes on and on. Well now we can tack on what some are considering to be the most annoying sound in the world… [The Vuvuzela].

The [2010 FIFA World Cup] is just a mere five days away, and is being held in South Africa. Like any other sports fans in the world, the South African soccor fans love to show their undying love and support for their team, but their idea of that is blowing on their elongated horns.

Close, but this is the 21st century

[ABC News] After last year’s Confederations Cup, thousands of fans from all over the world sent e-mails and letters to the FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), urging it to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup, something the soccer-governing body considered.

Beyond the instrument’s incessant drone, the FIFA worried that drunken fans would use it as a weapon, throwing it onto the field, or that companies would print unsanctioned advertisements on the horn.

Ultimately, South Africa prevailed, and FIFA decided against the ban, calling the vuvuzela “essential” to the African football experience. Banning the horn, FIFA’s communications director Hans Klaus told reporters last year, would be akin to taking away the cowbells from Swiss soccer fans and banning English soccer fanatics from singing.

Well good for South Africa for no getting their super-annoying horn from being banned. I mean… it’s not like it could cause any sort of hearing damage. Oh wait… [Vuvuzela’s Bad For Ears]

Well anyway… I don’t think the Vuvuzela is the most annoying sound in the world. I think that this is…


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