First Picture of Exoplanet Confirmed [SciTech]

Star system 1RXS 1609 and it's exoplanetary partner

Three quadrillion miles from Earth in the constellation Scorpius lies a sun-like star known as 1RXS 1609. In 2008 astronomers pointed the gigantic [Gemini telescope] that sits atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea at this particular spot in the universe. What they photographed is quite possibly the first in a string of new pictures of exoplanets.

[Time] The astronomers first spotted this planet back in 2008, but they weren’t sure whether it was really orbiting the star or was just on the same line of sight. Two years later, they’ve seen the planet and star drift across the sky together, confirming the relationship. And while this one was the first, there may be others lurking in the data.


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