Arcade Machine With Cold Beer On Tap [Awesome Product]

If you’re anything like me than two of your favorite things in the world are video games and cold beer. It’s hard to imagine a world today without the two. But what if you could combine them into one super-cool kegerator/arcade machine. Well, as of today your dreams have come true. Introducing the [Gamerator].

As far as the gaming hardware is concerned the Gamerator comes complete with a 26″ HDTV that runs the Windows XP operating system allowing you to install virtually any program or application. The layout includes 18 buttons, dual joysticks, and a trackball set in the middle of the joystick panel.

The joystick panel also includes two cup holders; one on the far left, and the other on the far right. The refrigerated interior can hold a pony keg of domestic beer, but if you’re a fiend for international brews then don’t get your Space Invaders panties in a wad. International options are available. The tap lies in the lower front of the machine where the coin slot would normally be found.

Each Gamerator unit houses 85 games on it’s local hard drive with over 1,000 more available with a FREE one-year gold membership to [GameTap]. All games included are original, licensed PC copies and are not duplicates or emulators. Click [here] for a list of games including locally on the Gamerator. It’s also possible to hook up pretty much every video game system on the market, past or present.

The 400lb custom-built Gamerator doesn’t come cheap. With a running price of $3,499 you would have to be pretty dedicated to hardcore arcade gaming and barley and hops. But life is short, right?


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