Rocket Car: Gonna Break Land-Speed Record? [Amazing Ingenuity]

In 2009, Usain Bolt set the 100m world record in 9.58 seconds. During the 60-80m stretch of the race he averaged 27.8mph. That’s nearly 30mph, but then again we humans have only two legs. A Cheetah (which has four legs if you’re paying attention) can achieve a short sustained speed of nearly 80mph. But let us think of a much faster speed.

Nearly 13 years ago, the current land speed record achieved by a wheeled vehicle was set by Andy Green at 763mph. Now he has teamed up with Richard Noble (whose record he broke in 1997) to reach the presently conceived unreachable. They plan on executing a speed of at least 1,000mph.

The Bloodhound SSC is only in the prototypical stage, but their idea is to bolt a rocket to a jet engine, and let the sparks fly. The intention is to let the jet engine blast up to 300mph, and then let the rocket do the rest. A full breakdown to the project can be viewed [here].


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