Pucker Up and Kiss [Undersea Nature]

Around 2,000 meters below the surface of the ocean dwells an array of weird and strange creatures. One of those creatures is the Black Dragonfish, or Idiacanthus atlanticus for you science buffs. It is typical of any predator fish that lives in the depths of the mostly uncharted ocean. It feeds off of mostly other fish and it has photophores that can produce light to attract its prey.

The Black Dragonfishes are sexually dimorphic. The females are much bigger than the males (females grow to 40 cm in length, but males reach a maximum length of only 5 cm) and they are the more ravenous of the two. While the female has a chin barbel and long fang-like teeth; the male has neither, and is dark brown rather than black.

This strange and ghastly beautiful fish can be found in the southern hemisphere in the southwestern Australian waters.


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