Anti-Glenn Beck Rally Signs [Politics in Shambles]

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6 responses to “Anti-Glenn Beck Rally Signs [Politics in Shambles]

  1. How do you get people who don’t know either one of them to hold up signs (badly made, I might add) that castigate them? If you knew anything about Glenn Beck, you would know that he didn’t hold his rally on the anniversary of MLK’s speech. He held it on the day that symbolized a Bible passage…it’s a verse from the New Testament. I’ll give you time to try and figure it out.

    • Does it not click in your brain that he did hold his rally on the anniversary of MLK’s speech at the very location that MLK spoke. I don’t find it ironic, coincidental, or biblical, but purposely done to garner attention and the almighty dollar. How can you trust these two (Beck and Palin) when all they want to do is tell you not to let anybody tell you how to run your life when THEY ARE TELLING YOU HOW TO RUN YOUR LIFE!!! Wake up, David!

      All Glenn Back and Sarah Palin are is two money hungry whores. Palin couldn’t even hold office for one full term. Instead she had to quit her job so she could “Ghost Write” a book and make money.

      Once again… Wake up, David.

      • Wide awake, thank you. I don’t let anyone tell me how to live my life, except Jesus. I don’t trust one human being on this planet the way I trust Jesus.
        That MLK’s anniversary was on the same day as Beck’s rally is about as relevant as pagans using candles in their worship practices and Catholics doing the same thing. That the two do the same action does not mean that they signify the same thing.
        You can say, if you want that they did it for money, but you’d be wrong. Maybe some of the speakers were paid, but the event cost Beck personally, and at one time he was 1/2 million in the hole personally. The money raised, after the event was paid for, went to the children of dead soldiers. Was it a “WAKE UP AMERICA” event? You bet it was. Also, I think the fact that Sarah Palin quit her job (she didn’t, she quit to run for VP, just like Hillary quit her job as senator to run for president) before she wrote a book says something. Clinton and Obama took money while in office to write their books. That’s a no-no, just ask Gingrich. You might want to listen to your own advice.

  2. Well this is a “WAKE UP DAVID” event. You might want to do your own little fact-checking. Sarah Palin quit her job eight months after her and McCain lost the run for Presidency.

    Comparing pagans and Catholics to what Glenn Beck has done to desecrate the great steps that MLK did to achieve civil rights is like comparing water to oil. In other words, there is no comparing the two.

    From what I’ve read from your comments I can tell that you are a conservative (Republican?). You bash on the Democrats as if they are the only ones that got us in such turmoil in the first place, and praise the ones (The Becks, Palins, and Gingrich’s) as if they are the solution to all of our problems. Did you forget about the previous eight years before Obama took office? Was it not Bush who got us into a nearly decade long war with Iraq? Why the fuck did we go there to begin with, and where were you during that time? Sitting by idly why the Texas cowboy turned his back on the world and went at it alone?

    I just find it nausiating that for eight years everybody sat with their thumbs up their butt and let this country become frowned upon by the world stage, but as soon as a black man becomes President the whole country pulls out their thumbs and points it at Obama as if he is the Devil Incarnate himself.

    And just in case you’re wondering; no I’m not a Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian. I’m an individual who is concerned about the people out there listening to the ones who spread fear and hate, e.g., Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. I take no sides in politics because all the cronies in Washington want nothing from the citizens except money money money. The slate should be wiped cleaned, and our country should be taken back.

    By the way… I’m loving this discussion with you, David. This is what America is all about!

    • On your last point, same here. Hillary quit her senate seat after she was chosen for SOSUS, too. :) I believe Sarah quit because of the attention, most of it bad, she was getting.
      Glenn Beck did nothing to desecrate MLK, in no way, no how. He even made sure he didn’t stand on or above the step that King stood on, as acknowledgement that he wasn’t above King.
      I am a conservative, registered Republican, but not a Republican. No, Democrats are not THE reason we’re in the current mess. The only solution Glenn Beck presented was to look to God to find out our future. I didn’t take anything from Sarah Palin at all. Newt had the right idea in 1994, but what he did good didn’t last, and Congress forgot what they were there for. Bush didn’t start the war, Shamus, 9/11 started the war. Should we not fight to protect ourselves (and if you think the war was about anything else, so sorry for you)? I actually think he approached it the wrong way. We should have gone in quick, done the job, and gotten out. I don’t think he needed anyone else’s permission, and for your information, he could not have gone to war without CONGRESS’s approval. As we know with health-care, all you have to do is not fund a project, and it falls apart. I think Bush and the Congress spent waaaaaaaaay too much money, and for that I fault him. I don’t think he was a good president, but the two cataclisms that occurred during his presidency had something to do with it. I think Obama is way wrong, too. He’s wrong on the economy, wrong on health care, he doesn’t care about the people, more about his ideas and ideals, he’s more for his cultural elite than for the people, otherwise, we’d be headed in a better direction. The last president who did a good job, to me, was Reagan. I can absolutely agree that we must stop the flow of money to DC.

  3. Now I’m starting to feel your vibe, David. I think your last post was more honest and open, but I think your “facts” need to be looked at a little more thoroughly.

    Sure, Glenn Beck didn’t stand on or above the steps that MLK stood on (he decided to give the speech two steps lower. How gracious of him!), but his choice in doing it on such a particular day, and then denying he knew nothing of the importance that such day held is absurd to me. If he would have been honest with all of us and said, “I’m holding a rally at the exact same spot (Lincoln Memorial) on the anniversary of MLK’s speech,” then I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it. I guess I’m just a sucker for honest people, but that’s not the way it all went down. Even MLK’s right-wing niece was on the speakers list. Her role was to be Black and a relative of King so that the hijacking of his legacy felt less like highway robbery and more like shoplifting. I’m speculating that was just a ploy to make him look good after all the criticism that he took. Even I can spot a deceiver when I see one. And just look what Beck has done to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals! LOL!

    I totally agree with you in the fact that what Beck presented to you was to “look to God to find out your own future.” If that is what you rightfully got out of it then props to you. Right now I’m trusting in your Religious Freedom. What you hold right there in that excerpt is Faith; something that our Forefathers held so near and dear to their heart for future generations to come. I, myself, do not believe in the accepted version of God, Jesus, or any popular and accepted creed. Faith can be a very powerful tool, but taken too far and you run in to descriptions of repression. Just ask the Ancient Romans and Jesus!

    I do, however, totally disagree that we went to war with Iraq because of 9/11. We went to war with Afghanistan because of 9/11, but Iraq was a totally different story. Dubya had to prove something to his daddy and clean up his mess from a decade before. At least that’s my unprofessional opinion. The terrorist of 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. We should have kept all of our military resources in Afghanistan, captured bin Laden, tried him for 2,966 counts of murder, put him in a 5×5 cell, and let him eat nothing but maggots and roaches because I’ll be damned if my taxes will pay to feed his mouth! I do believe that we have a right to protect ourselves as a country, but we shouldn’t be trotting around the globe acting as the World Police. Our going to war with Iraq only strengthened the terrorist cause, and created more terrorist in the process, including ourselves. Yeah… I said it!

    I think Obama was the lesser of two evils in the last election. The other option was McCain/Palin. It just makes me shudder to think that those two could be running the country. I commend McCain for his service to this country, and the atrocities that he had to go through as a P.O.W., but the man is really out of touch with today’s youth and society. We need someone to be a good strong voice for the youth because they (myself included) are our future. Hearing Palin speak is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Her sentence structure is mutilated, and I think she gives women in power a bad name. Every time I see Sarah Palin there are dollar signs flashing in her eyes.

    Reagan was a good president. His foreign policies are the stuff of legends, but his “War On Drugs” has done nothing but flush billions upon billions of dollars down the toilet. I believe that Clinton was the last good president. The economy rose to new heights, and he built up a federal budget surplus (in which Dubya tore down quickly). I don’t care if he got a BJ in office. That was his own personal business. Plus he had Hillary to answer to! The attempted impeachment was only for political theatre. But before that debacle the Republicans ran Congress, and a Democrat was President. Those were last good times for America.

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