New Wii Color And It’s Crazy Red [gaming]

25 years ago Nintendo made gaming what it is today by releasing Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Now they’re celebrating that achievement by releasing new Wii’s in Mario Red.

It’ll be out in Japan on November 11, and will retail for ¥20,000 (USD$240). It will also come with a Wii Remote Plus (which is a regular Wii Remote with the Motion Plus installed in the controller) that also goes on sale on the same date.

And if all of this wasn’t awesome enough the 25th anniversary Wii’s will also come with a pre-installed copy of Super Mario Bros. But it’s not just a copy. The game’s trademark gold coin bricks are modified to say “25” on the front instead of the “?”.

But those of us in the West shouldn’t hold our breath. So far it only looks like it’s being released in Japan. The kid in me is sad :(

Source: [Kotaku]

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