Teacher Has A Nervous Breakdown [news/video]

[NewsChannel5.com] NASHVILLE, Tenn. – A teacher was removed from McGavock High School after a bizarre incident in a classroom that forced the principal to call parents and explain what happened.

The incident happened in Donald Wood’s 11th grade algebra class Friday. Video shot by a student in class showed Wood throwing two tables, a garbage can and a chair.

The video starts with Wood telling a group of laughing students to “shut up.”
Watch the video posted on YouTube. (Warning: some graphic language)

After standing quietly for about 20 seconds while students laughed, Wood waved his arms and said, “If you can be absolutely quiet… if you can shut your mouth… you can shut your mouth and you can listen in absolute silence… do you know why? Cause I have the absolute…”

“Power!” shouted one of the students.

Source: [The Daily What]

One response to “Teacher Has A Nervous Breakdown [news/video]

  1. It’s not a nervous breakdown–He’s manic. Clearly. And the stress of being in a room full of disrespectful punks with no interest in learning probably only made matters all the more inevitable.

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