Sharks Attack Egypt Tourist Destination [whenNatureAttacks]

[Global Post] Just before diving into the water, Foad heard muffled cries coming from a female in the distance. Looking up, he noticed a snorkeler flailing about helplessly along the reef wall.

She was 50 feet away and wore clouded goggles, but Foad could still see the panic in the woman’s eyes. In a split second, she disappeared underwater. By the time she surfaced, screaming, the water around her was blood red. Waving for help, a single bone dangled from where her hand had once been attached to her arm.

That’s when Foad caught a glimpse of her predator.

“A grey, medium-sized shark was swimming right next to the woman. And her hand was in the shark’s mouth,” the middle-aged businessman said. “Everyone on the beach was shocked when we started screaming ‘shark!’ Then people just got hysterical when they saw the woman’s mangled body. I’ve been a diver for 20 years, but this was very, very scary.”

It was the first shark attack on a swimmer in Sharm el-Sheikh in more than a year.

The rare incident, however, would not be the last — nor would it be the worst.

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