Twins Attempt Suicide After Being Questioned At Roadside By U.K. Police [wtfVideo]

In 2008, 41-year-old Swedish twins, Ursula and Sabina Eriksson, gave the world a unique display of pure insanity. While being questioned by police, the two women darted out into traffic. Ursula ran into the side of an oncoming 40-tonne truck travelling at around 60–70 mph. Sabina then followed her into the road and was hit by a Volkswagen Polo travelling at high speed. Both survived. Ursula in particular was fortunate not to be killed instantly. Instead, she was immobilised as the lorry had crushed her legs. Sabina spent fifteen minutes unconscious only to get up, start a fight with the police, and was then arrested.

What’s even more bizarre is Sabina was released from jail 2 days later without a proper psychological evaluation. A man by the name of Glenn Hollinshead took her in for the night promising to help find her sister. The next day she stabbed him to death, fled the scene while hitting her head with a hammer, and jumped off a 40-foot bridge.

There were no drugs or alcohol involved. I’m gonna have to go with demon possession.


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