Carl Sagan: Why Can’t Religion Learn From Science? [sundayLinks]

  • The Dionaea House is some spooky shit!
  • 10 Best Video Game Bonus Stages [EgoTV]
  • A Segway-style device for paraplegics puts wheelchairs to shame [Gizmodo]
  • Possible evidence for string theory at the Large Hadron Collider [The Guardian]
  • Oral contraceptives reduce long-term risk of Ovarian Cancer [National Cancer Institute]
  • Bringing self-driving cars to NASCAR [Google Blog]
  • The color of the Sun is actually white [Universe Today]
  • South Korean, Russian scientists bid to clone mammoth [Yahoo News]
  • 86-year old gymnast, Johanna Quaas, shows off her skills [YouTube]
  • 33 horrifying pieces of furniture [Web Urbanist]

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