Microsoft announces a new tablet computer, Surface [Tech News]

Yesterday, after days of speculation and rumors, Microsoft unveiled their new tablet computer, Surface, at an art and film studio in Los Angeles. They’ve definitely put other tablet makers on notice.

There will be two options for Microsoft’s Surface PC, one powered by Intel’s 22nm Ivy Bridge chips running Windows 8, and another Surface powered by an ARM chipset and Windows RT.

The Windows RT version is just 9.3mm thin, weighs 1.5lbs, includes a built-in kickstand, and is the first PC with a vapor-deposited (PVD) magnesium case, according to Microsoft. It will ship in 32GB or 64GB versions, complete with a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display.

Microsoft’s Intel-based Surface tablet will run Windows 8 Pro, with a thickness of 13.5mm, a weight of 1.9lbs, and USB 3.0 support. This particular version will also include magnesium casing and a built-in kickstand, but will ship with either 64GB or 128GB storage. Additionally, the Intel version will include additional digital ink support through a pen that magnetizes to the body of the tablet, and a 10.6-inch ClearType “Full HD” display.

Microsoft will be offering Surface users who prefer full keyboards two different options. The 5mm Type Cover is a full tactile keyboard, while the 3mm Touch Cover will contain an integrated multitouch keyboard and trackpad. Both peripheral keyboards attach to the Surface with a magnetic connector. Here is a video demonstration…

It also seems that the keyboards will come in a small variety of colors for those who wish to accessorize in fashion.

Also included is a kickstand on the back to prop up your tablet. This is a very nifty and innovative idea that hopefully won’t become a constant failure.


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