[Link Dump]

A lot of the time I will bookmark something to share on here, but it never ends up making it because A) I lead a busy (lazy) life and B) I can be lazy.

Cook Salmon With Your Dishwasher [wtf]
Humpback Whale Shows Appreciation After Being Freed From Nets
Sam Raimi Confirms Ash Will Not Be In The ‘Evil Dead’ Remake [movie news]
Keep 32 Molecule Kills Cavity-Causing Bacteria [science news]
Amazing Photos Of The First Half Of 2012 [pictures]
A Scientist Visits A Creationist Museum
Red-Green & Blue-Yellow: The Stunning Colors You Can’t See [science news]
Amazon River Piranha Accident [NSFW NSFL]
‘Illegal’ Kinder Eggs Get U.S. Men Border Detention [offbeat news]
Spray-On Fabric [NSFW video]
Chernobyl & Pripyat [amazing photos]
Romans Used 20-Sided Dice Two Millennia Before D&D [historical news]
‘Avengers’ Splatter Art by Melissa Smith [awesome art]
Humanist View Of God by Jason Curry [makes you think]
Skyrim Frost Dragon Papercraft [nerdness]


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