Weekend Link Dump

In the News:

Bolivia to ban Coca-Cola to mark the ‘end of capitalism’ [rt.com]
Country star Randy Travis arrested naked and accused of DWI [Washington Post]
U.S. drought pushing corn prices toward record highs [LA Times]
Afghans kill 3 NATO, 3 US soldiers in single day [Associated Press]

Science and Technology:

UCLA scientist discovers plate tectonics on Mars [Planetary Tectonics]
Flat-Faced Early Humans Confirmed [National Geographic]
First HD Panorama of Gale Crater [Amazing!]


Artist, Jared Krichevsky, transforms Futurama into harsh realism [io9]
Iconic photos of history in color [imgur]
Perpetual Motion Light Bulbs [gif]
Famous artists dissected in their own painting style [alternative art]
Staple City [clever photo]
A Roman Pair of Die [ancient history]
A photograph of Mexico City by Pablo Lopez [arial photo]


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