Chinese Man Builds His Own Prosthetic Limbs from Scrap [Offbeat News]

There are prosthetic limbs that cost a fortune and there are prosthetic limbs made from scrap that cost nothing. Sun Jifa a 51-year-old Chinese from Guanmashan, Jilin province in northern China lost both his hands in a bomb explosion when he was building a bomb for blast fishing. Now after eight years of rigorous effort, Sun has built himself prosthetic hands made from scarp.

Sun couldn’t afford the expensive bionic hands the hospital that treated him after the blast wanted him to have. Sun therefore took it upon himself to care for his own amputee and after eight years has finally made a pair of metal bionic hands which are controlled by the movement of the elbow to grip and hold. The bionic hands use a lot of wires and pulleys to be controlled to perfection for any work or eating food.

There is only one problem Sun faces with his artificial hands, being made from metal they get very hot and cold in summers and winters. But that is no deterrent for Sun who plans to make many more such bionic hands for other unfortunate amputees like him. We salute to the man’s will and determination!

Source: DamnGeeky


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