Weekend Link Dump [Sunday Edition]

In The News

Neil Armstrong dead at 82 [Reuters]
9 people wounded in shooting were hit by shots fired by police [WABC]
Stone Age people may have feared a zombies [Mother Nature Network]
Lawmaker crashes boat into a boat children [Washington Post]
He also thinks gays are a threat to children [GayStarNews]

Science and Technology

Panoramic view of Curiosity’s tracks on Mars [PhotoJPL]
HD video of Curiosity’s descent [YouTube]
Most distant black hole ‘heard’ munching star [New Scientist]
What happens when you play Cypress Hill through a squid’s fin? [io9]
63,000 year-old skull found in Southeast Asia [ABC Science]
Antarctica warmth ‘unusual, but not unique’ [bbc.co.uk]


Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” poster and synopsis [Buzzfeed]
Summer Luck – 180 four-leaf clovers [Imgur]
What if Tim Burton did Pokemon? [Hat Boy]
WTC1 construction progress as of Aug. 22, 2012 [Imgur]
Sculptures based on food [Adam Niklewicz]
Hilarious sports pictures [Dark Roasted Blend]
13 Ballpoint pen artworks that put you to shame [Web Urbanist]


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