Weekend Link Dump

In The News

NFL Punter Chris Kluwe explains gay marriage to a Maryland politician [Dead Spin]
Larry Flynt Offers $1 Million for Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns [Hollywood Reporter]
Texas judge filmed beating his daughter back on the bench [My San Antonio]
Yangtze River Runs Mysteriously Red [Live Science]
Bank Manager Kidnapped, Forced to Rob Own Bank [Time]
Tests show oil found on Louisiana shore came from BP spill [CNN]
Hostage standoff at a Radio Shack in Denver [KDVR Denver]

Science and Technology

Water vapor shot out by a Saturn moon helps to form part of a ring [NPR]
Scientists Surgically Implant a Working Bionic Eye In a Blind Patient [PopSci]
Mathematicians offer unified theory of dark matter [Phys.org]
How a Hard Drive works in Slow Motion [YouTube]
Nike’s patent for Power Laces! [Patent Scope]


Fed Ex vs UPS [Funny]
Why you should watch the Spanish channels [Sexy]
1906 Earthquake And Today’s San Francisco blended photographs [Gallery]
Broccoli makes babies cry [Funny Art]


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