The Blue Dragon Mollusk of the Sea [Nature Picture]


Glaucus atlanticus (common names sea swallow, blue glaucus, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug) is a species of small-sized blue sea slug. They grow up to 3cm in length and live in the temperate tropical waters found in East and South Coast of South Africa, European waters, the east coast of Australia and Mozambique.

G. atlanticus preys on other, larger pelagic organisms such as the dangerously venomous Man o’ War and, given the opportunity, will become cannibalistic.


42 responses to “The Blue Dragon Mollusk of the Sea [Nature Picture]

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  2. You bricks!! Nature is not for sale!! I’d wish this article would have never been published, now these beautiful animals got probably a big problem

  3. they’re beautiful creatures , I think they’re best kept in their habitat where they belong. Don’t want them beccoming extinct because people want a pool full of them to look at , just print a photo.

    • These people don’t realize these creatures can provide a more potent venomous sting than a man o war. That will teach them to leave it be and not try to make it some type of pet!

    • Umm. If people have pools full of them, how exactly will that make then extincted genius…. though yes they should be kept in the wild, a pool full of them by many people wont make them extincted, it will make them very popular and create a population problem.
      Though Moe got it right, it would cause problems in the future but then again so has keeping Snakes for pets. Its the responsibility that people take for granted and just want them for looks and not take care of them properly.

      • the article also says if not properly fed and such that they will become cannibalistic. that will lead to extinction. If you wish to hold on to such beauty. a less dangerous way to both you and the blue dragon., take a picture, paint a picture, get a tattoo. Humans have stripped enough from nature, It is part of our nature to take ownership.

    • If ppl have a pool full of then they won’t be extinct. They rnt going to take then out the water to sell they will breed n sell. Ppl over hunting causes extinction. Not breeding n selling.

    • BASTARD!!! How the fuck can you say that!!! They are beutiful, if you say found a bright blue puppy you would not say “These nasty disgusting creature need to all be killed!!!!” you would probably say “Awww How Beautiful” or “Ooh Cute” Not stuff it in a friggin microwave!!!

      Tom’s rant over, ack to normality

  4. they should not be pets or destroyed thats one of gods creations just like u.. i know some people who say the same things about some of us humans.. that u are a nasty disgusting creature yhat should be destroyed… everyone and everything has a place and a reason for being here or god would not have made it.. who knows if studied u might find its has many uses. like a cure for cancer or some other sickness.

    • i like ur thinking god boes have a reason for nature if u see it put it back where it belongs in the sea to live forever thats why they r there if not they would be on land right

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  7. We actually deep fry them and serve them up on white rice down here in the Philippines, taste’s like Calamari

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