Weekend Link Dump

In The News

Oil in New Gulf Slick Matches That of 2010 Spill [The Washington Post]
Golden Dawn Incident at a Theater in Athens [Business Insider]
Florida Pastor, Terry Jones, Denied Entry to Canada [CBC News]
Vancouver Teen Commits Suicide After Being Cyberbullied [Vancouver Sun]
Maine Woman Runs Zumba Studio Prostitution Ring [Huffington Post]
Huge Unknown Eyeball Washes Ashore on a Florida Beach [Orlando Sentinel]

Science and Technology

Astronomers Discover Planet Composed Mostly of Diamond [Space.com]
Scientists Safely Transplant Stem Cells Into Four Young Brains [ScienceMag.org]
Spot Where Julius Caesar Stabbed May Have Been Discovered [MSNBC]
Curiosity Rover Finds Rock Type That’s Never Been Seen on Mars [Wired]

Pictures and Video

Hack a Cassette Adapter for Hands-Free Music in Your Car [YouTube]
Upside-Down House [HomeCrux]
Fingerpaint Reimagination [Imgur]
Bill Nye Needs a Moment of Your Time [YouTube]
Backstage Photos From Disneyland [Imgur]


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